Postpartum Depression



The Reality of Motherhood Affected by Postpartum Depression


Postpartum depression, a moderate to severe depression that affects a mother any time from the birth of the child up to a year after, is not what a new mom with a precious baby in her arms expects.  The normal expectation of any new mother is one of joy and bliss of motherhood.

Unfortunately, the reality is that postpartum depression can happen to any new mother.  According to the Center for Disease Control, between 11% and 20% of pregnancies result in the mother being diagnosed with postpartum depression.  That is approximately 950,000 moms every year!

More intense than the more common “baby blues”, which lasts a shorter period of time with symptoms that are less severe, postpartum depression can be detrimental for not only the mother, but the baby and the rest of the family as well.

Although there are some risk factors linked to postpartum depression, no one knows for sure what causes it.   Many women are embarrassed, ashamed, or afraid to admit what they are experiencing – afraid their baby will be taken from them, ashamed to feel like an unfit mother, embarrassed at the lack of control they have over their own feelings.

In the past, a woman suffering from postpartum depression had no other options offered to her than the traditional treatment of antidepressant medication prescribed by her doctor.  But what about the women who don’t want to take drugs?  Some moms worry about the lack of conclusive results on the safety of taking antidepressant drugs while they are nursing their baby.  Many women fear the side effects with prescription medication for depression, realizing that sometimes these side effects can be severe.

So, what other choices are available for a mother who suffers from postpartum depression? Fortunately, natural solutions for postpartum depression are available that don’t include taking medication.

An excellent resource for natural methods to combat postpartum depression is compiled in a book written by Hypnotherapist Laura Rude’, owner and editor of Postpartum Living (  The book, titled, “Creating Postpartum Wellness, Natural Solutions to Banish Depression after Childbirth”, offers complementary and alternative methods to help a woman dealing with postpartum depression.  The book is available for purchase on in both e-book format and paperback.

A comprehensive six week all-natural program for combating postpartum depression is also available in support of the book.  It can be found at:

No mom should be robbed of the joy she can experience with her new baby.


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Saying No Thanks to Sick!

With five children in the house, it’s easy for one of them to bring an illness home, which can then easily have a domino effect on the whole family. And most moms know how if feels to care for children, while sick themselves!  ”I can barely walk, but I’ll be right there baby, what do you need?”  I am now dealing with that very concern, with my two youngest right now. Yesterday, my youngest son decided to throw up, almost in the toilet, while we were visiting at his aunt’s house. I was just grateful it was all over her floor, rather than all over the inside of my car on the drive home…is that bad?  Then last night, around 3am, I hear a small quiet voice disrupt my dead-sleep in my dark bedroom, “Mom, I pooped my pants…”, Awesome.  Again, he really was on his way to the toilet…just didn’t quite get there.  So, I get out of bed and get him all cleaned up, no problem.  As I’m cleaning up the scene of the incident, in the hallway, he’s looking on and comments, “Something smells like poop.”  Hmmmm, wonder what it could be?  Could it be….the poop?  Well, I guess it’s good to laugh in this situation. It is just a very small play in the game of life after all…

So, here’s to hoping my vitamins, high doses of C, exercise, mass water drinking, and loads of spinach pay off – providing me with a super-mom super-hero level of immunity.  Have been very lucky this year so far.  I do NOT want to be standing in the hallway, wanting my mommy… I Am the Mommy.

Here’s to the Super-Mommies who battle the bugs, to the Super-Mommies who take care of business and take care of the kids, even when they are holding their own heads over bowls!! You know who you are! Kudos!

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Life, Run With It. A Review of Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3

I’m an advocate for running, mainly because I love it (forget that it promotes health!). I don’t expect everyone to share my love for running. For me, especially when running outside, it’s exhilarating and magical in a way. When I run, I feel part of everything, and I’m in love with all of it. I have a sense of gratefulness for life. While I try to recognize this daily and routinely, it can definitely be a very elusive state of mind, as we sometimes feel we’re running against the wind…even in subzero temps at times, as the game of life works itself out around us. Ultimately running can be a soul food and a real get-away for me. With the sun shining outside, even better.

A crucial aspect of an enjoyable run is the shoe! Because enjoyment is completely unattainable if feet are screaming in pain, no matter how serene the surroundings.  I have had the pleasure of reviewing a number of Mizuno running shoes in recent years, and up until now, the Mizuno Wave Inspire shoe has been my favorite. I’m a rebound and support kind of girl, so that  shoe has always fit perfectly.  The Wave Inspire line is a support shoe.  Last month, Mizuno provided the new Wave Prophecy 3, a neutral shoe, to me, for review.

The shoe itself looks too cool for running…meaning the design and look is such that I literally want to wear this shoe all the time. Mizuno always seems to put together very complimentary colors, no matter whether the colors are bright or loud, it’s successful. This pair of Prophecy 3 shoes have a grey/blue back color with a purple design , then shoe accents in navy blue and orange. Overall, the look is very attractive and I’m proud to wear them, running or not.

Now, to the most important points, what’s it like to run in them? Well, right when I slipped my foot into the shoe and stood, I could tell they were going to be one of those. Those shoes that propel you to a better run, to a better experience. The support, without weight, felt amazing. The cushion and rebound drove me to run faster and harder. The material seems to keep my feet cool like no other shoe I’ve tried. While the Inspire line has been my absolute favorites up to this point, I can honestly say I have found a new favorite. For me, these shoes meet all the necessary requirements for a comfortable and successful run.

So, if you need to be uplifted, if you need some exhilaration, if life has offered a few more challenges that you think you’re up for….RUN WITH IT!

Thanks again to Mizuno for creating such an awesome shoe, and for allowing me the opportunity to review and share my experience!

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Peforming Arts for Good Cause

Organizations that make the arts accessible to everybody work to transform the lives of the community members in under-resourced areas, in school,s and other community institutions, with live performances. The arts have a unique influence that encourages hope, brings together groups and transforms individuals. Many organizations, like Sing for Hope, believe in the unique potential of arts to affect people. The power of art has been around for centuries, but only recently has it been harnessed to help communities deal with distinct challenges. Community members can witness artists working in places and communities where they would not ordinary work.

For the most part, accessibility issues in the arts has revolved around artists who cannot get their voices heard. By using performance art to reach out to the disadvantaged, because of its enormous power, is a step in an entirely different direction. Performing artists are giving back to their communities at shows other than the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where under-served community members can be found. Artists can share their passion with others as a way of giving back to communities. The movement embraces all the performing arts, from puppeteers to movie directors.

A movement like this is driven by the power of volunteers, who come from every artistic field. With intense dedication, an organization can expand its scope and reach potentially millions of people. While the amount of money is usually a standard of the success of a charitable organization, this movement shifts the emphasis to performance value. Their power has a discernible effect on an audience. People are surprised by the energy and dedication artists put into performances. The volunteer artists experience the satisfaction of seeing new audiences respond to their best efforts.

Whether it’s at a health care center or a nursing home, performers who have noticed the under-served in communities can act with a positive effect with people who may never experience them. By choreographing a show, reading a poem, designing costumes and exhibiting quality photography, artists from all walks of life can get in touch with their enthusiasm, and share what they all agree is a tremendous and powerful gift.

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Franchise Business Opportunity

Owning your own business is a lifelong dream for many people. Business ownership allows you to increase your financial security while being your own boss. But most people don’t know a whole lot about starting a new business. There is serious financial risk involved, and lack of support can be a huge roadblock for would-be entrepreneurs. That’s why franchises are appealing to many people.

There are many reasons why people opt for franchising over starting a business from scratch. In his book The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber points out that 80% of new businesses fail within the first five years. If the new business is a franchise, the failure risk immediately drops by 20%. There are several reasons franchise owners are more successful than non-franchise owners including:

Branding. When you open a franchise business, you get instant name recognition. Many of the top brands in the world operate on a franchise model. That gives you a better starting position than using your own name for yours business.

Training and Support. Franchisors are only successful if their franchisees are successful. That is why they include extensive training and support for new owners. Franchisees re trained in brand specifics ranging from cash registers to company culture to marketing and sales. Franchisors also offer ongoing technical training and support, which can be critical for success.

Marketing. Many franchises offer something called, “cooperative advertising.” That means that you share the cost of placing ads, and the company provides the branded art or copy for those advertisements. The branded ads can be personalized for your market so you get the benefit of a national campaign but localized for you.

Proven Business Model. As previously noted, most brand-new businesses fail. Building on that idea, most new ideas take a long time to catch on. So even if you have a good idea for a business, it could fail the first time out. But a franchise business has been tested and proven. The company has perfected its model and helps poise franchisees for success.

A popular and consistently high-rated franchise is Miracle-Ear. This business has strong brand recognition and a rich history of helping people improve their hearing. The company began in 1948 as Dahlberg Electronics, a manufacturer of a product called Miracle-Ear. The company now offers retail locations in all 50 states. Free hearing tests are offered to the general public, along with consultations for services.
Miracle-Ear provides service, warranty programs, and after-care packages for customers.

Miracle-Ear has been consistently rated well among the Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 and Fastest-Growing Franchises. Since 2010, the franchise has ranked 50 and above in the Franchise 500, and has held strong at number 77 of all franchises nationally among the fastest-growing list.

Franchisees themselves have voted Miracle-Ear into World-Class Franchise certification from the Franchise Research Institute and FranSurvey for the last several years. This indicates that entrepreneurs are highly satisfied with the level of support provided by Miracle-Ear and the success they as individual business owners have had with their franchises. As a franchise Miracle-Ear is a viable startup with a proven track record of satisfaction among franchisees.

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Christmas Shopping Out of Control!!

The other night, while browsing Spongebob toys, my 3 yr old decided to join me. He then reveals how long his Christmas list really is… He’s hilarious, as he points out all the “Spongebob stuff” he wants. I’m still undecided on whether holiday commercialism has taken hold of him, or he just really really loves Spongebob!

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Can’t you Smell that Smell? Eliminating Household Odors

At some point, your home may be overcome by foul odors. Everything from cooking to pets can cause an odor. When your home smells less than pleasant, entertaining guests can become embarrassing. Luckily, most odors can be removed within a few hours.

Before you can treat unpleasant odors, you must find the source of the smell. Once you find the source, dispose of the offender quickly. If left inside your home, the smell can become worse. Disinfect the area with a strong detergent. Next, fill several bowls with white vinegar. Place the bowls in several locations around your home. To thoroughly neutralize the odor, allow the bowls to remain in place for a full 24 hours. When odors come from carpeting, sprinkle baking soda on the area. As the basking soda is absorbed into the carpeting, the odors will be eliminated. Make sure to vacuum an excess baking soda from the carpeting after 12 hours. Sometimes, the odor will penetrate into walls and other hard surfaces. These odors can easily be removed with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. To keep odors at bay, place cinnamon sticks around your home. For tougher odors, an effective ozone machine can be used. Not only can an ozone machine remove odors, but the machine can also prevent mold and mildew growth.

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Once a Fan Always a Fan

I spent yesterday watching football with my son, hollering and cheering (and an occasional woo-hoo, air punch and high-kick) with him in the living room, as our team made its way back from a near-hopeless state (only from the perspective of those who lost all faith…of course not from my perspective), to taking it home and winning! New team record for come back from largest deficit was made – and my son and I cheered ‘em on together.
Getting into sports with the kids is a whole lot of fun. Representing your favorite team by wearing their shirt, even better. Making your baby a little walking team billboard, now that’s the best! Because babies in sports gear…is picture-perfect adorable!
I used to dress my son in the tiniest team baseball outfits, with a little ball cap. Sometimes it can be difficult to find team baby gear representing the team you might be cheering on. Of course, online shopping opens up a lot more options for your baby team clothes, and you are more likely to find what you’re looking for. Sites like Baby Fans, has a good variety of baby team gear from College football to NFL, MLB, and NBA, with many major teams represented.
Here’s to Happy Game Days!

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Sayonara! Why My Run Just Got Better

Running is an activity that I look forward to nearly every day. There are so many reasons why I love to run, and it can be difficult to put it into words, for those who do not share that love. For me, its an escape to peace, quiet, and reflection…all while feeling every cell come alive. I feel like I can do anything and be anything, and I feel an awesome love of life.

And I run toward wellness, health, physical fitness, happiness, experiencing life. I run from disease, obesity, premature aging, boredom, and stagnation.

No doubt some runs are better than others. A run through the trees, surrounded by water, mountains, nature, and animals will definitely feel different than the city street run, but running is still running, and I still love it. Exhilaration, love, and relief is still part of it.

And I think every runner would agree that the shoe can make or break the run…because that aching toe can command all focus, taking with it the great experience that might have been…It’s no secret that I’ve fallen in love with Mizuno’s running shoes. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to review the Mizuno Sayonara.

Mizuno is dedicated to advancing sports through cutting edge technology and research to create unique sports products which enhance performance. The new Mizuno Wave Sayonara is no exception. Up until now, I’ve been dedicated to the Inspire line, because they are perfectly supportive, though light, and offer awesome rebound.

Obviously, you can count on Mizuno to stay true to flashy, sleek, and sexy in appearance. Colors are vibrant and sing loud, as I’ve come to expect! Upon first putting the shoe on, I was surprised at how light it is. It continues to surprise me each time…the seemingly weightless support.  It definitely does not hug and support the way my Inspire’s do, but the support is there where it’s needed. My surprise continued as I began running. Once again, I felt like I could run for days.  The shoe is designed to be low, light, and versatile.

If you’re not quite sure, which of these amazing shoes will be right for your running style, gait, weight, and step, then find out by completing their precision fit analysis at
I’ve now running in these shoes for the last 2 weeks, and once again Mizuno has contributed to an awesome running experience. Thanks to Mizuno for providing the shoes and another amazing opportunity to share!


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Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot! Working Out in Hot Pants

I enjoy a good workout, especially when it involves running. Often, I gauge the “success” of a good workout by how much I sweat. I know, gross…but still true. In fact, I will sometimes weigh in after my workout, to see what the difference might be on my digital scale, to see just how much I actually sweat. For me, it’s a good indication of how hard my body works, therefore how much calories I probably burned, and the overall success of my activity.

Well, I heard some buzz recently about “hot pants”. They are literally designed to heat up the body during workouts, thereby increasing the sweating, the calorie burn…and you got – the success! Some claims indicate 11-13% more calories burned. So, I wanted to give them a try, and Zaggora sent a pair for me to check out and review (Thank you, Zaggora!)

The pants are made of a neoprene feeling material, and are surprisingly light considering their thickness. They’re comfy and cute, and are perfect gym wear. Today, I put them on to bust out a 45 minute Turbo Jam routine. Like I said, I normally sweat, but I was really sweating…seriously, my socks were wet when I finished up. I think the heat and sweat were noticeably increased. Normally I would say I notice a weight difference of approximately 1.5 to 2 lbs, which I attribute to my sweating and intensity level. Today, I literally noted a 3.2 lb difference inside of an hour when I worked out.
ABC news even wrote about these pants:  Zaggora Hot Pants Promise to Help Wearers Burn More Calories

OK I realize I’ve only used them once, for one workout, but I have pretty high hopes for these hot pants. Based on my experience today, I’m expecting these Zaggora Hot Pants to give a real boost to my workouts from here on forward!



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