For the Love of Birds!

You know I love my birds!

Kiwi is my talking African Grey Parrot and is a real character! She is super outgoing and curious, and likes to keep busy.

Lucky is our Citron Crested Cockatoo. She is a bit more cautious, but loves attention. Her idea of staying busy is chewing, chewing!

Having busy bird companions means making sure my birds are happy. That includes providing them with fun activities when they are in their cages. A busy bird is a happy bird. Affordable, durable, and safe bird toys are often difficult to find. My cockatoo, especially, will make work of one expensive toy in one afternoon! So, I was pleased to have the opportunity to review bird toys, which are safe, hand made, durable, and affordable! sent me four toys to review with my birds:

“Balsa Block”, which is a Balsa wood block with 12 acrylic beads. Balsa wood makes a great shredding toy for small & large birds. Soft & chewy comes off in little strips easy for your birds to handle in their beak or feet. Because birds love to work at loosening things, it’s genius to embed the beads into the block…will keep them busy!

“Mighty Roll”, Sea grass filled with raffia,palm leaf & crinkle paper. Roll is 10″ long (overall length 18″) & 4″ in diameter. Overall height with chain 12″. The roll results in many many crooks and crevices for the bird to work her beak into. After a couple of days in the cage, my African Grey has managed to only shred the outermost edges, so it’s safe to say this toy will last her awhile!

“Knotty Bagel”, which is chocked full of bagels and knots! Many hours of enjoyment for your medium to large parrot. My citron crested cockatoo has had this toy in her cage for 3 days and while she has peel off most of the color on the outskirts of the cardboard rings, she still has full rings left to pick apart. This is saying A LOT considering Lucky tends to strip a toy down to it’s rope in one day!

“Macaw Bagel w/ Paper”, durable cardboard ring with full roll of 5″ replaceable paper in the center. specializes in safe bird toys and parts at low prices without compromising quality. Overall I am impressed with the quality and durability of the toys, as well as the use of safe materials in the making of the toys. My birds and I thank for sending the toys for this review!

Video Review of bird, parrot, cockatoo, and macaw bird toys:

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