I live in a safe neighborhood.  For the most part, people drive slowly and are cautious of the people walking about, including children.  As you can imagine, not all people drive slowly and safely though.  Occasionally a vehicle will drive through our family streets way too fast, and when my children are outside playing, it’s definitely enough to make me worry.  I was thinking about the many street signs I’ve seen “SLOW – CHILDREN PLAYING”, and I do think one of these would be a great addition to our streets.  Actually, I found a ton of different safety signs and road signs on on this site, safetysigns.com including No Trespassing Signs, and many other commonly needed signs.

OK here’s another common concern – Dogs.  I have a wonderful Bullmastiff pup, who has grown into a large menacing looking guard dog.  He’s such a lover, but I have no doubt that he would not hesitate one bit if an intruder was foolish enough to snoop around our house.  If he doesn’t belong here, my Bosco would know it, and he would be sorry!  I’m thinking it may be a good idea to pick up one of those dog safety signs, and there is actually a lot to choose from on safetysigns.com, including some that have a bit of a humorous tone while still giving the warning.  For instance, I found one that read, “We might not be home…but our dog is!”  OR “I can make it to the gate in 3 seconds, can you?”  OR what about asking dog owners to be responsible in cleaning up after their dog, “When your dog is finished doing his business, please do yours.” as it shows a hand picking up a doodie, for lack of a better word!


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