Saying No Thanks to Sick!

With five children in the house, it’s easy for one of them to bring an illness home, which can then easily have a domino effect on the whole family. And most moms know how if feels to care for children, while sick themselves!  ”I can barely walk, but I’ll be right there baby, what do you need?”  I am now dealing with that very concern, with my two youngest right now. Yesterday, my youngest son decided to throw up, almost in the toilet, while we were visiting at his aunt’s house. I was just grateful it was all over her floor, rather than all over the inside of my car on the drive home…is that bad?  Then last night, around 3am, I hear a small quiet voice disrupt my dead-sleep in my dark bedroom, “Mom, I pooped my pants…”, Awesome.  Again, he really was on his way to the toilet…just didn’t quite get there.  So, I get out of bed and get him all cleaned up, no problem.  As I’m cleaning up the scene of the incident, in the hallway, he’s looking on and comments, “Something smells like poop.”  Hmmmm, wonder what it could be?  Could it be….the poop?  Well, I guess it’s good to laugh in this situation. It is just a very small play in the game of life after all…

So, here’s to hoping my vitamins, high doses of C, exercise, mass water drinking, and loads of spinach pay off – providing me with a super-mom super-hero level of immunity.  Have been very lucky this year so far.  I do NOT want to be standing in the hallway, wanting my mommy… I Am the Mommy.

Here’s to the Super-Mommies who battle the bugs, to the Super-Mommies who take care of business and take care of the kids, even when they are holding their own heads over bowls!! You know who you are! Kudos!

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  1. on 08 Feb 2014 at 8:22 pm Laura Black

    Oh boy!! Do I ever know what that’s like! Yuck. Even after the children leave home, I still have one kid left…my husband. :) And he can be quite the “needy” patient. LOL I feel for you, JJ, along with everything else you said up there, get some good air circulation going on in your home. I know that during winter, closed-in houses need adequate circulation or else the bugs have no where else to go. Take care of yourself, first!!!! Those babies need a healthy momma.

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