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Saying No Thanks to Sick!

With five children in the house, it’s easy for one of them to bring an illness home, which can then easily have a domino effect on the whole family. And most moms know how if feels to care for children, while sick themselves!  ”I can barely walk, but I’ll be right there baby, what do you need?”  I am now dealing with that very concern, with my two youngest right now. Yesterday, my youngest son decided to throw up, almost in the toilet, while we were visiting at his aunt’s house. I was just grateful it was all over her floor, rather than all over the inside of my car on the drive home…is that bad?  Then last night, around 3am, I hear a small quiet voice disrupt my dead-sleep in my dark bedroom, “Mom, I pooped my pants…”, Awesome.  Again, he really was on his way to the toilet…just didn’t quite get there.  So, I get out of bed and get him all cleaned up, no problem.  As I’m cleaning up the scene of the incident, in the hallway, he’s looking on and comments, “Something smells like poop.”  Hmmmm, wonder what it could be?  Could it be….the poop?  Well, I guess it’s good to laugh in this situation. It is just a very small play in the game of life after all…

So, here’s to hoping my vitamins, high doses of C, exercise, mass water drinking, and loads of spinach pay off – providing me with a super-mom super-hero level of immunity.  Have been very lucky this year so far.  I do NOT want to be standing in the hallway, wanting my mommy… I Am the Mommy.

Here’s to the Super-Mommies who battle the bugs, to the Super-Mommies who take care of business and take care of the kids, even when they are holding their own heads over bowls!! You know who you are! Kudos!

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Life, Run With It. A Review of Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3

I’m an advocate for running, mainly because I love it (forget that it promotes health!). I don’t expect everyone to share my love for running. For me, especially when running outside, it’s exhilarating and magical in a way. When I run, I feel part of everything, and I’m in love with all of it. I have a sense of gratefulness for life. While I try to recognize this daily and routinely, it can definitely be a very elusive state of mind, as we sometimes feel we’re running against the wind…even in subzero temps at times, as the game of life works itself out around us. Ultimately running can be a soul food and a real get-away for me. With the sun shining outside, even better.

A crucial aspect of an enjoyable run is the shoe! Because enjoyment is completely unattainable if feet are screaming in pain, no matter how serene the surroundings.  I have had the pleasure of reviewing a number of Mizuno running shoes in recent years, and up until now, the Mizuno Wave Inspire shoe has been my favorite. I’m a rebound and support kind of girl, so that  shoe has always fit perfectly.  The Wave Inspire line is a support shoe.  Last month, Mizuno provided the new Wave Prophecy 3, a neutral shoe, to me, for review.

The shoe itself looks too cool for running…meaning the design and look is such that I literally want to wear this shoe all the time. Mizuno always seems to put together very complimentary colors, no matter whether the colors are bright or loud, it’s successful. This pair of Prophecy 3 shoes have a grey/blue back color with a purple design , then shoe accents in navy blue and orange. Overall, the look is very attractive and I’m proud to wear them, running or not.

Now, to the most important points, what’s it like to run in them? Well, right when I slipped my foot into the shoe and stood, I could tell they were going to be one of those. Those shoes that propel you to a better run, to a better experience. The support, without weight, felt amazing. The cushion and rebound drove me to run faster and harder. The material seems to keep my feet cool like no other shoe I’ve tried. While the Inspire line has been my absolute favorites up to this point, I can honestly say I have found a new favorite. For me, these shoes meet all the necessary requirements for a comfortable and successful run.

So, if you need to be uplifted, if you need some exhilaration, if life has offered a few more challenges that you think you’re up for….RUN WITH IT!

Thanks again to Mizuno for creating such an awesome shoe, and for allowing me the opportunity to review and share my experience!

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Sayonara! Why My Run Just Got Better

Running is an activity that I look forward to nearly every day. There are so many reasons why I love to run, and it can be difficult to put it into words, for those who do not share that love. For me, its an escape to peace, quiet, and reflection…all while feeling every cell come alive. I feel like I can do anything and be anything, and I feel an awesome love of life.

And I run toward wellness, health, physical fitness, happiness, experiencing life. I run from disease, obesity, premature aging, boredom, and stagnation.

No doubt some runs are better than others. A run through the trees, surrounded by water, mountains, nature, and animals will definitely feel different than the city street run, but running is still running, and I still love it. Exhilaration, love, and relief is still part of it.

And I think every runner would agree that the shoe can make or break the run…because that aching toe can command all focus, taking with it the great experience that might have been…It’s no secret that I’ve fallen in love with Mizuno’s running shoes. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to review the Mizuno Sayonara.

Mizuno is dedicated to advancing sports through cutting edge technology and research to create unique sports products which enhance performance. The new Mizuno Wave Sayonara is no exception. Up until now, I’ve been dedicated to the Inspire line, because they are perfectly supportive, though light, and offer awesome rebound.

Obviously, you can count on Mizuno to stay true to flashy, sleek, and sexy in appearance. Colors are vibrant and sing loud, as I’ve come to expect! Upon first putting the shoe on, I was surprised at how light it is. It continues to surprise me each time…the seemingly weightless support.  It definitely does not hug and support the way my Inspire’s do, but the support is there where it’s needed. My surprise continued as I began running. Once again, I felt like I could run for days.  The shoe is designed to be low, light, and versatile.

If you’re not quite sure, which of these amazing shoes will be right for your running style, gait, weight, and step, then find out by completing their precision fit analysis at
I’ve now running in these shoes for the last 2 weeks, and once again Mizuno has contributed to an awesome running experience. Thanks to Mizuno for providing the shoes and another amazing opportunity to share!


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Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot! Working Out in Hot Pants

I enjoy a good workout, especially when it involves running. Often, I gauge the “success” of a good workout by how much I sweat. I know, gross…but still true. In fact, I will sometimes weigh in after my workout, to see what the difference might be on my digital scale, to see just how much I actually sweat. For me, it’s a good indication of how hard my body works, therefore how much calories I probably burned, and the overall success of my activity.

Well, I heard some buzz recently about “hot pants”. They are literally designed to heat up the body during workouts, thereby increasing the sweating, the calorie burn…and you got – the success! Some claims indicate 11-13% more calories burned. So, I wanted to give them a try, and Zaggora sent a pair for me to check out and review (Thank you, Zaggora!)

The pants are made of a neoprene feeling material, and are surprisingly light considering their thickness. They’re comfy and cute, and are perfect gym wear. Today, I put them on to bust out a 45 minute Turbo Jam routine. Like I said, I normally sweat, but I was really sweating…seriously, my socks were wet when I finished up. I think the heat and sweat were noticeably increased. Normally I would say I notice a weight difference of approximately 1.5 to 2 lbs, which I attribute to my sweating and intensity level. Today, I literally noted a 3.2 lb difference inside of an hour when I worked out.
ABC news even wrote about these pants:  Zaggora Hot Pants Promise to Help Wearers Burn More Calories

OK I realize I’ve only used them once, for one workout, but I have pretty high hopes for these hot pants. Based on my experience today, I’m expecting these Zaggora Hot Pants to give a real boost to my workouts from here on forward!



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What’s Chasing Me? Why Run?

It’s a beautiful day and the sun is shining… I started my day with a 3 mile run, pounding the dirt road, through the trees and passed the water, seeing the mountains, birds, and blue sky!  Got my music, got my sun, got my nature, got my Mizunos…What a way to start a great day! Some people wonder what drives a person to run…I see posts on facebook that say, “The only time you’ll ever see me running is if something is chasing me!”  Funny, but in my mind, there is always something chasing me, which regular exercise would throw an obstacle at! It’s age, excess weight, illness, boredom, etc… For me, exercise (whether you choose to run, bike, play baseball, or whatever) is necessary for overall wellness, for happiness.  Sure I have to force myself to do it at times, but I’m always happy once I’m doing it, and feeling great once I’m finished.  When it’s beautiful outside, and the sun is shining, and the birds are singing – that is added bonus and benefits.  Love my runs!

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Green and Organic Carpet Cleaner

I only have carpeting in my large master bedroom anymore, but whether the carpet covers the entirety of the house or just our bedroom, it still requires regular cleaning, especially with kids and pets.   Green and organic cleaners make the ideal cleaner, in my opinion, because the more we learn about harsh chemicals, their impact on our health, and their impact on the environment, the more important it is to pay attention to what we use around our home and our families on a day to day basis.  There are a lot of different cleaners and options for use around the home, to keep the family safer, but if you’re looking for an organic and green option for having the carpets professionally cleaned….

Lucky for those of you who live in the eastern US, because Green Choice carpet cleaners offer green and organic carpet cleaning, including carpet shampoo, carpet steam cleaning, rug cleaning for persian, silk, oriental and wool rugs among others, and more.   Family owned and operated, with 20 years in business, Green Choice offers carpet cleaning services in Long Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and more.  They have also expanded offering carpet cleaning services in even more areas including New Jersey and Connecticut.  Organic and green, with free estimates and same day service, what more could you ask for?  Clean carpets?  Right!

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Tired of yo-yo dieting? Valentine’s Day chocolates blew your New Years’ weight loss resolution?

With 5 children between them, author moms Stacey Wein and April Paine have co-written an entertaining, personal guide based on two friends’ battle against yo-yo dieting. “1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks: Using the Buddy System to Fight Fat”, will keep you chuckling and nodding your head as you read page after page of “been there” moments. Bonus: the plan really works, so grab a friend!  Now available from Amazon in paperback and e-book, available soon for Nook and iBooks.

1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks: Using the Buddy System to Fight Fat


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In Love With the World

The season’s first snow fell this past weekend. The scene is so much more breathtaking in the country than previous years in suburbia. New snow can transform any place into a magical and inviting place, agreed. This though, is a scene to take in, to melt into actually.
I love running outdoors. Not only does it feed my physical body, but it feeds my heart and my soul. I feel at peace, at one with the earth, with God. I feel a lot of love when I run outdoors. As the weather turns colder, and soggier, my outdoor runs have lessened, which is normal this time of year (well there’s that, and the fact that my neighbor had a bear in her front yard a few weeks back…but that’s beside the point, lol). Many days, running on my treadmill near the slider, looking out, is the closest I can get. But this day…this beautiful 28 degree day…blanketed with the previous day’s snowfall and the morning sun shining, called to me. I ran outside, invigorated, alive, awake, and in love with the world. Really, truly, in love with the world.
I was so in love with the world, that after I ran 3 miles, I grabbed the camera, and ran back out the door for more!

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Betalains: Another One of Nature’s Miracles

In today’s fast-paced toxic world, it’s smart to stay on top of natural health, healing, and wellness topics.  In my house, sickies are first treated with lots of water, nutrients including vitamin D and C, honey, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, echinacea, green juice, etc., as well as plenty of rest.  And it usually does the trick.  In fact, I am able to often fight off catching the bug at all by taking these steps as preventative measures – even if half the family already caught the bug!  Of course keeping nutrients, vitamins, and rest as a normal regimen is ideal, for ongoing immune system support.  As a mother to six children, including a toddler and a special needs child, keeping myself and my family healthy is a priority.

Very common today, painful joints and allergies, may be caused by inflammation, which can be just one side effect of the bombardment of toxins and stress, and a lack of water and nutrients.  I often like to expand my knowledge of natural health and nutrients, and recently I have come across some information that is new to me.   I learned about  betalains, which, are plant pigments found in beets, bougainvillea, amaranth, and many cacti.  Betalains are phytonutrients (like the plant pigment chlorophyll), and may exhibit anti -inflammatory effects, among many other health supporting benefits.

Here’s where Nopalea comes in.  Nopalea is a 12-year old company that helps people pursue physical, emotional and spiritual health.   Their wellness drink contains betalains, and when taken daily, may help the body to reduce pain due to inflammation, relieve swelling in muscles, and support cellular health.   Nopalea has no added sugar or preservatives, and thanks to their Wellness Challenge, right now you can try  a bottle of Nopalea free (just pay shipping), by calling 1-800-203-7063.


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Should Sugar Be Regulated as a Toxin?

I know this stuff is bad, but truth be told, you can still find it added in all sorts of things at my house.  I really do try to limit sugar for my kids, because I want them to be healthy and well and energized.  Soda?  Only sometimes, and they’re usually only allowed my Hansen’s Diet natural soda variety, which I keep stocked.  I do pay attention to labels, but my kids probably still take in more sugar than I want them to!  I can actually see the effects of sugar with my 8 year old boy, who already possesses a God-given enthusiasm for life.  He is very energetic, and when you sprinkle a little sugar on him, he morphs into an exuberant Tigger.  I know that processed, refined, added sugars lower immunity, and mess with the body’s natural balance.

I read an article on YahooNews about sugar this morning:  Sugar Should Be Regulated as a Toxin.  At first glance, it may seem way over the top to regulate sugar just like tobacco and alcohol, huh?  For me, that’s largely because I do not want Big G regulating every aspect of our lives as if we are incapable of making decisions for ourselves, but we are largely talking about children here.  What people, in general, do need though, is information and education.  Armed properly with this, many of us will make decisions accordingly, finding balance for ourselves.  What I do agree with, is making the sugary treats less available for our kids – meaning in our schools.  Growing up, I remember how excited we were to get a vending machine installed at the student hang out area in high school.  Hello!  Cookies and candy at our finger tips, yeah!  Not so great.  So I was pleased to see the vending machines at my child’s school filled with trail mix, granola bars, and other similar items.  Overall, I think people should pay attention to the fuel they’re giving to their bodies.  Bad fuel means a bad running motor, or worse – a full system break down.  I believe in balance, which means I do allow treats and sweets in moderation.  If I want candy, I will take care to pick up the dark cocoa chocolate – because I know it possesses many health benefits.   I am not a “health nut” (at least I don’t think so, but by others’ standards I may be), because I do still stop for fast food!  I may make the kids drink green juice too, but I still let them have fries.  I’m somewhere in the middle.

I know there are plenty of people out there who pay no attention to ingredients including chemicals, additives, or added sugar.  Drinking soda after soda.  Juice?  And juice… well it says “juice” on the bottle, so it must be better than soda, right?  Well if you don’t read the ingredients, chances are “NOT”.  You may just be replacing one overly sugary drink for another.  I stock juice, of the 100% juice variety.  I favor unfiltered organic apple juice, 100% grape juice (you know, from grapes – with no added sugars), V8 (made from actual fruits and vegetables), Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness (packed with greens and liked by kids!).  They are usually more expensive, but so is ill health.  I limit how much they are allowed to drink as well, and “push” water on them in between.

So here’s my take.  I do believe that more attention should be given to educating people on diet and its relation to disease and wellness.  I do believe that children should not have easy and convenient access to sugar-loaded foods in schools.  More labels, sure.  Education, definitely.  Fact is that you can not force people to be healthy though.  You can not force people to care.  Some will and some won’t, and some don’t know better.  Let’s help those who don’t know better.

…And some know better and still want a little of whatever it is they want!

One of my favorite go-to places for health education and information is  If you have not been there, I’m almost positive you will learn lots (and that’s even if you already know!)

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