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Girl Fights Off Kidnapper at Walmart

Checking the daily news this morning, this story caught my attention.  A chilling video from a surveillance camera catches a man attempting to kidnap a child, while her mom is shopping the next aisle, at a Walmart!  Luckily, the young girl fought and screamed, and the would-be kidnapper ran away.  A thankfully happy ending for this lucky girl!  I felt it was important to share this with other parents, disturbing as it is, in order to raise awareness and encourage parents to talk to their children.  Educate your children about safety, and how to best handle any threatening situation.  Because, as seen in this video, it could save a life.



2012 Snowmageddon Turned to Devastating Ice Storm

I have been in the cold and dark for three days as the heavy snow turned to freezing rain, in a historic ice storm event, leaving about a quarter million people without power. Washington rarely sees storms of this magnitude, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as news reports predicted nearly a foot of snow to hit Seattle Tacoma, and other parts of Western Washington. We did get about 8 inches, but then events turned to the unexpected for the ill-prepared. Ice piled onto trees, branches, and power lines – getting thicker and heavier, and snow continued. Initially the ice encapsulated trees were of awesome beauty, seemingly preserved in glass. As that ice grew heavier, the glass shattered. Trees gave way to the weight and broke, while exhausted power lines snapped, leaving thousands in the dark and cold, and those numbers kept growing. The Seattle Times reported on power outages with a staggering high of about 280,000 people without power.
Roads were dangerous for driving or walking, as piled up uneven snow formed a thick layer of hard ice over the top, and trees carelessly dropped limbs from above.

I ventured out in my 4×4 our first morning in the dark, hoping to pick up some supplies. I backed out of my first route, after finding all the trees in my neighborhood seemed to form an “icicle tunnel” which I would not drive under. Tall evergreens kept dropping their melting snow packs on whatever or whomever was below them, as the temperatures began rising. I finally made it out of our immediate neighborhood only to find nearly all of the stores and businesses dark and abandoned. Pulling up to the gas station was another let down, since no power meant no gas. A cold generator sat in the garage, thirsty and of no help to us.

Everyone pulled through the best they could. We were lucky to stay warm by our gas lit fireplace.

After about 48 hours cold and in the dark, our power whirred back on in the middle of the night…only to fall victim to a fierce wind storm, getting knocked out about an hour later. The wind gusts seemed to time themselves with the return of our power, and stuck around just long enough to blow us off again, howling as it rolled away. In the dark again. One more day.

When our power finally returned late yesterday, there was celebration and woo-hoos, and a sincere gratitude for all we take for granted, along with lessons learned on preparation, or lack thereof. To be so ill-prepared for a snow storm, or an ice storm, is a real wake up call. As I clean out my fridge today, throwing out everything that has soured over the last 3 days, I mentally revisit one of my New Year’s resolutions to become better prepared for disaster.

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SNOWMAGEDDON 2012 ~ Seattle Winter Snow Storm

Growing up in Seattle, we are accustomed to rain…lots of rain. What we’re never fully prepared for is lots of snow. Yes we do get snow, but it is usually mild. So mild in fact, that a couple of inches is cause for outright celebration, giddy-ness, and school (and city) shut-downs! My sister moved from Seattle to Idaho nearly 10 years ago. She quickly learned what “preparation” meant in that everyone had a 4×4, and things didn’t really shut down unless you could describe the snowfall in feet rather than inches. It was very different from us Seattle folk.
So, you can imagine the Washingtonians’s faces when the news announced to prepare for 8-12 inches of snow in the next 48 hours! Kids sledding and grown ups dreading! It’s being referred to an an “event”, and has potential to set records. calls it a fierce storm, while The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning predicting 5-10 inches by Wednesday evening. The next 48 hours will tell (though school is already cancelled, of course. No surprise there. We have like a few inches!! Definitely must cancel school!)
According to AccuWeather, the Biggest Snow Storm in Decades Begins, here in Seattle. Forecasters are expecting this Seattle Winter Storm to go down in the history books with potential record breaking snow falling throughout much of Washington and Oregon!
So, here we have a few “playing in the snow” photos…prior to the “onslaught”. Waiting for the actual Seattle Winter Storm Event of 2012 (doo-do-doo-do) <-- scary music


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Occupy is Here to Stay

Seattle Nov. 15th:  Police douse protesters with pepper spray.  There seems to be some confusion on what caused officers to begin spraying, as written documents indicate one protester tried to strike police with a stick, and when police moved in to arrest her, their efforts were thwarted by others.  Whatever started it, it looks as though many were hit with their pepper spray incuding Dorli Rainey, an 84-year-old sprayed in the face.   Dorli Rainey said she had joined the march to “show solidarity with New York,” after the Occupy Wall Street camp was cleared early Tuesday.  She said, “They picked up their bicycles and started shoving them at us and confining us in a very small place and they started to pepper spray,” she said.  “Pepper spray was deployed only against subjects who were either refusing a lawful order to disperse or engaging in assaultive behavior toward officers”  according to the SPD blotter.Read full articles on The New York Times and Seattle Post Intelligencer.

This segment of The Rachel Maddow Show shows footage of riot police last week, breaking up an Occupy Wall Street demonstration last week on Nov. 9th at Berkeley’s supposed free speech plaza.  Since the massive show of force on November 9th, protesters have returned.

Occupy has turned violent for many protesters as police officers take down tents and clear out protesters’ belongings in a predawn raid yesterday morning Nov. 15th, at Zucotti park.  In a massive show of force, NYPD dressed in riot gear and began tearing down tents and clearing out the park around 1am yesterday, while many protesters were sleeping.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow covered current developments in the Occupy movement well on her segment, The Rachel Maddow Show, Occupy is here to stay. Maddow has a good point, saying, “…this is practical advice for every mayor in the country, every police force in the country – the whole point of this protest is that it doesn’t go away. That’s the tactical point. It’s not called March on Wall Street. It’s not called Rally at Wall Street. It’s called Occupy Wall Street. It’s not a stand up to for the 99% on Saturday at noon movement. It’s a we are the 99% movement, and it’s tactics are about physical presence, about continued physical presence, and so beating the heck out of people and knocking down their signs and arresting them and tearing down their stuff and cutting it up with sawzalls and running them out of a public space for a day – that makes this movement stronger.”

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


SPD blotter

Seattle Post Intelligencer

The New York Times

The Rachel Maddow Show

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A Thought Provoking Perspective on Occupy Wall Street

By now, everyone has heard about the growing movement that started as Occupy Wall Street and then spread to cities across the nation, and countries across the globe. The Occupy Wall Street movement website,, describes the movement as, “Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.” The 5 million member strong organization,, helped spread the word as well, offering their support, stating, “MoveOn stands in solidarity with the brave protesters at Occupy Wall Street…” on their Occupy Wall Street specific page, which explains their stand on the movement, “but we’re not Occupy Wall Street and we’re not trying to become Occupy Wall Street.” Read more on’s Occupy Wall Street FAQ page.
Those of you who follow my posts may be aware that I have a spiritual side and as such, I am familiar with spiritual activist, author, and speaker Marianne Williamson. What does Marianne Williamson have to do with the Occupy Wall Street movement? Well recently a friend shared Marianne Williamson’s thought provoking perspective and thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street movement. I invite you to listen ~
Marianne Williamson Speaking About the Occupy Movement, Berkeley, CA November 2011 from Marianne Williamson on Vimeo.

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